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We are dedicated to rigorously researching the relationships between space and people, with a primary goal of improving users’ health and wellbeing through design.

Urban and Architectural Research for Creating Healthy Communities

Funded by KAIST


City Skyline_edited.jpg

Development of a health care and circulative utility based subterranean space platform
헬스케어 및 순환형 유틸리티 지향형 지하공간 플랫폼 개발연구

Funded by Future Underground City Research Center, KAIST



A Study on the Psychological and Cognitive Effects of Spatial Factors in Workspaces

업무 공간에서의 공간적 요인에 따른 심리적ㆍ인지적 영향에 관한 연구

 Funded by KAIST


Modern Workspace

Methodology for the Design and Construction of Healthcare Critical Infrastructure to Enhance Team Performance

Funded by Mayo Clinic Kern Center


Brain Surgeon

Development of Age-Friendly Design Strategies and Evaluation Methods of Leisure and Social Activity Spaces for Promoting Older Adults’ Healthy Leisure and Social Activities
고령자들의 건강한 여가 및 사회 활동 증진을 위한 고령친화 여가/사회 활동 공간 디자인 전략
도출 및 평가방법론 수립

 Funded by National Research Foundation of Korea (한국연구재단)


Senior Book Club

Interpretation of Building Production Index

건축물 생산량 지수 해석

 Funded by Architecture Urban Research Institute (건축공간연구원)


Image by Owen Lystrup

Establishment of Information System for Proactive Building Management
사전 예방적 건축물관리를 위한 정보체계 구축

 Funded by Architecture Urban Research Institute (건축공간연구원)


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